The Grape harvest

The grape harvest is usually divided into two different times, into two vintages:

- the selection and storage of the grapes used for the production of the Recioto and Amarone wines

The best grapes are chosen from the best vines in the best vintage years and are collected at the ideal time of ripeness, paying particular attention to the wholeness of the fruit in order to avoid the attack from harmful mould that can compromise the quality of the grape during the withering period.
For these reasons the harvest is carried out exclusively in small, 5-to-7 Kg crates where the bunches taken from the vines are immediately placed with excessive care.
The amount of grapes harvested per person in a day is of approximately 700 kg

- the harvest of the grapes used to produce the Valpolicella wine

The Valpolicella wine is produced by using fresh grapes that have not undergone a withering process.
The harvest is usually carried out approximately two weeks later than the harvest for the Amarone wine, thus giving all the grapes the chance to reach optimal ripeness or sometimes even an actual overripeness. The harvest is carried out in large crates that can hold 3 to 5 quintals of product.